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​​​Creative Christian Learning Center 
A ministry of the River Christian Community

Creative Christian Learning Center 

        Founded in 2008, CCLC is the largest private preschool in the Oakdale area.CCLC provides activities and experiences for children to play and learn according to their own unique patterns of growth.  Children are encouraged to use all of their senses and to feel empowered to learn in our nurturing, respectful environment.  Children have the opportunity to have free choice play and academics as well as teacher directed activities.  

       CCLC strives to facilitate the development of the whole child - cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  It is our desire to not only serve our children, but our families as a whole by extending the love of Christ and providing support helping to create healthy children. 

​       In our fun, friendly, educational and safe environment, your child will not only enjoy preschool, but develop a solid foundation for their future in elementary school. Come and check us out! Preschool in Oakdale kindergarten child care 


Gives children the opportunity to learn through a loving challenging environment that results in a love for learning and provides a solid foundation for basic math and language concepts.

Helps children to develop healthy relationships with adults and peers and develop positive problem solving skills through play and interaction.  

Fosters children’s ability to see themselves as a unique creation of God’s design, to identify and express their thoughts and feelings, and to maintain a developmentally appropriate degree of control in their own environment. 
Offers opportunities for each child to grow and gain large and small muscle control and coordination.